Engaging for REAL


Engaging for REAL is our exclusive community engagement training program.

We provide common sense approaches to managing conflict, frustration and anger to help you maximise engagement outcomes. Our aim is to assist organisations and individuals to transition from conflict to constructive conversation.


What’s different about the Engaging for REAL training program?

• We have a very strong focus on practical, applied learning during the training program, addressing your specific engagement challenges;

• We help you to consider the mindset and culture of the organisation delivering the engagement;

• The supported learning environment maximises your learning of a range of engagement tools, methods and frameworks;

• The practical and interactive nature ensures participants learn from each other;

• The program is delivered by an engagement specialist with extensive experience as both a practitioner and a trainer.


Program Options

The Engaging for REAL program can be delivered over one, two or three days and is tailored to suit your organisation, your engagement issues and your level of previous engagement experience. The in-depth two and three day training options leas to a higher degree of mastery.

One Day Introductory Program

Participants get exposure to a range of new frameworks and tools and will develop basic skills that can be applied immediately to their engagement situation. The one day program is suited for organisations or individuals wanting an introduction to the Engaging for REAL theory and approaches.

Two Day Advanced Skills Program

Based on theory learnt on day one, participants will consolidate their learning by practicing their engagement skills and developing practical strategies and plans to deal with their own engagement issues. The two day program is suitable for people with some engagement knowledge, who would like to learn new strategies.

Three Day Immersion Program

The three day program enables participants to immerse themselves in the Engaging for REAL program and results in skill mastery. Participants will also learn advanced tools and techniques, elevating their engagement skills and knowledge to a superior level. This program is recommended for practitioners dealing with particularly complex and sensitive engagement issues and for those leading engagement teams.