Leadership and Team Building

Leader and manager development programs

The following are the most popular programs we deliver. They are tried and tested.

We are currently delivering these programs in webinar modules via ZOOM. Each module has a self paced learning component to consolidate participants’ learning and its application.

Manager as coach. This program develops managers and leaders to use a coaching style with employees, stakeholders and colleagues. It is skill based so that participants learn to use the skills of coaching in a range of situations such as meetings, one on ones, as well as casual conversations.  It is not designed to turn a manager into a professional coach, rather it is designed to help managers add core coaching skills to the way they work with others so there is reduced reliance on directing and telling. Over use of directing and telling creates dependence and reduces initiative amongst employees.  Research from the Institute for the Future suggests in the next decade employees need an entrepreneurial mindset. One that uses creativity and learning agility to find workarounds and circumvent constraints.  Extensive global research from Gallup found that today’s employees want a coach rather than a boss.

Programs that assist teams to be more productive and engaged

 Whole Brain Thinking

This is our most popular team building program.  Team participants undertake a whole brain thinking assessment that shows their preferred thinking style across four domains: analytical, relational, practical and experimental.  The results are debriefed individually as well as across the team. Participants then apply a whole brain thinking approach to specific projects and tasks. This grounds the learning and provides practical and tangible benefits to participants. One of the main outcomes for teams is an improved appreciation of the diversity of thinking within the team and how this can assist with both the planning and delivery of work.

Working from strengths

When we work from our strengths we are more productive, engaged, likely to stay with our employer, work more safely and show more discretionary effort. Unfortunately many workplaces think that they will get more from  employees by working on their gaps.

The strengths program provides each participant with a comprehensive report using the Clifton strengths finder 34. Results are debriefed individually and as a team.

We then work with your team to develop ‘strengths champions’ who lead the integration of a strengths culture across the team over a 6 – 12 month period. This creates sustained, real change and most importantly improves productivity.