Coaching assumes people already have the answers they need and the coach’s role is to support, encourage and challenge so the client is able to work things out.

Coaching is a facilitated process that helps the person being coached to think clearly and creatively, to inspire them to maximise their performance, and to enhance their personal and professional lives.

We don’t provide content, advice or knowledge about a client’s work. We listen and observe, and give the support needed to enhance a person’s skills, resources and creativity. At People Pathways we use a range of tools and tactics to ensure our clients receive the coaching that best fits their needs.


“Best coach I have ever had. Maryanne is wise, incisive, motivating and challenging. Highly recommended” Darren Gladman, Policy Manager at Clean Energy Council

“Maryanne significantly shaped my management style and effectiveness for the better. Maryanne’s innovative and challenging coaching style has encouraged a greater level of self-awareness, and helped to direct and progress my career” Dr Jeremy Hindell, Regulation and Approvals, Victorian Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning

“Maryanne is highly skilled and her calm presence and professionalism enhance her considerable coaching skills. She is one of the rare people who make the extra effort to help people and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a commitment to improvement and quality – whether for themselves or their business/workplace” Amanda Young, CEO First Nations