How well can your stakeholders “hear” each other?

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

People Pathways provides training, advice and support to organisations for the planning and delivery of stakeholder engagement, improving outcomes for both the organisation and the broader community. We have a particular focus on working with organisations who are dealing in situations involving conflict or outrage.


We have extensive experience in “outrage management

Do you have stakeholders who are upset, angry, or frightened?

Are you struggling to work with these stakeholders? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then perhaps you need expert assistance with ‘outrage management’

Our approach is based on the risk communication model developed by Dr Peter Sandman. This model is useful for  identifying the specific engagement challenge faced. If you don’t diagnose the situation correctly then you may have the wrong strategies in place. This is costly, issues remain unresolved, or worse still,  they escalate.

We are skilled at working with two or more stakeholders where there is significant tension, anger and negativity and can assist you to improve understanding and identify improvements to communication and relationships.

People Pathways uses a tried and tested process that allows people and organisations in conflict to better understand the situation, explore the options and constructively work through a conflict.

Maryanne Martin, the Director of People Pathways was instrumental in bringing Dr Sandman to Australia in 2014.

For more on the Sandman’s paradigms of risk communication http://www.psandman.com/