mm16_2Maryanne Martin is an experienced and versatile facilitator. Over the past 20 years Maryanne has worked in community engagement, organisational development, education and training, agricultural extension, bushfire management, and secondary school teaching.

In particular, Maryanne’s work makes extensive use of facilitated conversations and processes for dialogue to encourage people to understand a range of perspectives and opinions and design actions that move people forward instead of getting stuck in a cycle of blame and negativity.

Maryanne also has extensive public sector experience in strategic change management programs for improving leadership, team development, and engagement programs with community and stakeholders.

She understands the dynamics of working in complex, ambiguous policy environments where the need for collaboration and partnerships is increasing, and brings a strong strategic, operational and practical focus to her work.

She has a strong commitment to regional and rural communities having lived and worked in these most of her life.