The power of beliefs

People can develop awareness around their beliefs. One reason coaching works is because clients  learn more about what is working for them and what is holding them back.

Clients come to coaching wanting to change something in their lives. One thing that affects the success of coaching is the extent to which the client is aware of their beliefs.

Beliefs are our views about others, the world, and ourselves. These views determine the decisions we take and the way we behave in everyday situations. The most powerful ones are often outside our conscious attention. They are expressed as statements and we act as if they are true. Every person has a mix of enabling beliefs and limiting beliefs. Often our ability to take action to create a new direction is strongly influenced by the balance of the helpful and not so helpful beliefs.

I recently had a client who was dissatisfied with their current job. They really wanted to change but their capacity to do so was hindered by  “I’m too old now”.  Over a number of sessions this person was able to learn ways to challenge this statement by leveraging off a number of their enabling beliefs, such as, “I’ve always been a great learner” and “Anything’s possible if you put the work in”.


Uncovering your beliefs makes change possible

Uncovering your beliefs makes change possible

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